What should I know before requesting the reservation for my pet to travel with me on the plane? A new point of view to calm hearts!



When you need to travel by plane with our pet, we naturally believe that he will be much more comfortable traveling in the cabin within reach of our eyes, but will that be true?

Not necessarily! Especially if it is a brachycephalic dog (short muzzle).
For lack of operational procedures, we have the false sense of security that our pet will be much safer if we can see it during the whole flight, but the truth is not quite right ...
According to the specifications of the IATA Live Animal Regulations, dogs traveling from the cabin must be placed under the front seat, and that is where the disadvantage is. To fit under the front seat, transport cases have very little space for your best friend, often the height is limited to about 17cm while the length is around 29cm depending on the airline.

For us humans, it is no longer easy to face long hours in an airplane independent of the class in which we travel, even knowing where we are and why we are, not to mention that we can get up to stretch our legs whenever possible .

For our best friend, things tend to be a bit more difficult. Imagine the difficulty of traveling for long hours tight in a box under the front seat ...

the result may be worse

When you are placed under the front seat, besides not having the space necessary to maintain your comfort and well-being, there are other factors that help make the trip not so pleasant for your pet, see a list of some of these key factors:

• Even if your pet is a "nice" type, it can bark or cry or mourn due to stress, food or movement, or even being unable to stand on your lap;
• Your neighbor can be a "hairy-haired" type who does not like animals and get involved with you during the flight. Even if he is not right, this can become a headache during your trip;
• If it does "dirt" it can create an embarrassing situation due to the strong smell that spreads easily through the plane, especially if it is dinner time;
• Air circulation is compromised, which can lead to breathing difficulties and consequently increased stress on your partner.

For these and other reasons, it is that your best friend travels much more comfortable in the basement of the aircraft than tightened under the front seat.

In the basement it can travel with a transport box of appropriate size for your comfort, and that offers a more adequate air circulation. There he travels much calmer, after all, there is no movement of people, smell of food and has pressurization and air conditioning just like the cabin.

Contact our team to get all your questions regarding your best friend's trip. Petwork Travel has a highly qualified and capable team to plan the trip of your pet always aiming for your comfort, safety and your well being!

The pet is yours, the work is ours!

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