The CZI (International Certificate of Veterinary Medicine), also known as CZI (International Zoosanitary Certificate), is an international health certificate issued by the International Agricultural and Livestock Surveillance (VIGIAGRO) of the Ministry of Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA) authorizing him to leave Brazil and enter the country of destination.

We offer the CZI (Health Certificate) and specialized accompaniment for animals that travel in the cabin, or even in the basement of the aircraft, but in an escorted way (linked to your passage).

In addition to the issuance of the CZI (Health Certificate), we advise on compliance with sanitary norms, necessary documents and personalized assistance at check in on the day of your trip.

For cases of animals flying unaccompanied, the issuance of the CVI (health certificate) in Guarulhos will be included in our services.


Each country has its own legislation for sanitary control, whose purpose is to ensure control over about certain diseases transmissible by animals.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Supply (MAPA) is the sanitary authority responsible for supervising the exit and entry of animals from Brazil, through the International Agricultural Surveillance (VIGIAGRO). The animal heath requirements of the main countries can be consulted through the link http://www.agricultura.gov.br/assuntos/vigilancia-agropecuaria/animais-estimacao/sair-do-brasil/sair-do-brasil

With some frequency these demands suffer small changes and their updating on the MAPA portal may not be immediate. Therefore, contact our team whenever you have questions, including for countries not listed on the portal.


We offer complete assistance during all stages of the trip, from assistance to the compliance of international standards to the choice of transport box (Kennel).

Contact our reservations team and make a personalized quote according to your needs.

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