According to the legislation, we are Cargo Agent and Custom Broker specialized in international transport. But, in practice, we are an international travel agency for animals. We take care of every detail so that your pet can fly first class.

We perform all the customs procedures pertinent to the trip of your pet, as well as complete advice during all the stages of the trip.


Whenever an animal can not travel as part of the accompanied baggage by its owner / responsible, that is, linked to its boarding pass, it must be dispatched as live cargo. Like any export process (including live export), it is necessary to hire a broker. In the case of animals, a broker specializing in live loads.

Although they are "characterized" as live loads, there are several operating procedures today, especially aimed at guaranteeing the comfort and well-being of our furry friends, among them specialized terminals with care hotel during connections with veterinarians and canis / gatis for rest and feeding.

With individually tailored service for each customer, your pet travels first class with the true VIP (Very Important Pet) treatment that only PetworkTravel offers.


  • Issuance of the International Veterinary Certificate (CZI) ,Health Certificate;
  • Unattended travel;
  • Booking with the airline, both for the national Travel Leg and for the international Travel Leg;
  • Transfer National air or road;
  • Door-to-door service (check source and destination availability);
  • Lodging with veterinary supervision;
  • Customs clearance of import and export;
  • Follow-up of the entire customs process;
  • Supply of transport boxes (Kennels) (IATA-LAR) and accessories;
  • Complete assistance in all stages of the trip.

The national section is only realized when linked to the international Leg.

In addition to these services, PetworkTravel has partners who can provide the following specialized services:

  • Attestation of health (veterinarian);
  • Microchip implantation standard ISO 11784 and ISO 11785;
  • Blood collection for the titration test of rabies antibodies (veterinary laboratory) in an approved laboratory;
  • Send samples abroad.
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