PetworkTravel is a reference in the international transport of pets. Its structure is exclusively dedicated to the transport of our four-legged friends. We combine safety and comfort with the well-being that our pets deserve, as special care is needed when it comes to transporting your pet. With detailed planning, we offer safer ride for your pet.

For most owners, the pet, like the dog and cat, is a member of the family, and their safety is a big concern. Leaving them behind is no longer an option. Whatever your reason to carry your pet, change country or vacation, you must be careful when organizing the trip. But do not worry, Petwork Travel does it all for you!

Pet is yours, Work is ours!

PetworkTravel does not treat animals badly, so we do not transport animals for research or for life in captivity. We understand that these angels should receive all our love and affection with the same reciprocity to which they offer us.



We plan your mascot's boarding according to your needs, always attentive to the safety and comfort of our pet passengers. We take care of your pet's reservation with the airline and carry out the whole process of customs clearance. In addition, we offer complete advice at all stages of the trip, from aid to the fulfillment of the animal health requirements of the country of destination to the delivery of the transport box (kennel).

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Plan with seriousness, affection and respect with your animal.

Booking with the airline

Booking with the airline

We analyze the best cost-benefit according to the desired destination. We know that price is an important factor, but also that quality must be decisive. Therefore, we always choose the airline with the best structure and the best value relative to your need.
Customs clearance

Customs clearance

We have a qualified team of customs brokers who will take care of the customs clearance and other inspections of your animal and will accompany you until delivery to the airline.
CZI - Health Certificate Issue

CZI - Health Certificate Issue

We offer the service of issuing an International Veterinary Certificate (Health Certificate) with Vigiagro (Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil) in a personalized way. Once issued, a Petworker will accompany you during the process of check in of your trip!


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