The importance of the transport box

Carriers can do miracles!

The use of transport boxes has been increasingly widespread among those who live with dogs. It's because? Because of its usefulness and the possibility of providing well-being to dogs!

Yes, well being. Many believe that leaving a dog locked in a transport box is a tremendous injustice to the pet. But the reality is just the opposite: when accustomed to their box, dogs feel safe and comfortable, and end up looking for their "home" even when unsolicited!


Habituating a dog to be kept in the transport box brings more benefits than people imagine:

* as a puppy, the dog that stays for certain periods inside the transport box, will have the opportunity to rest in peace, free from annoyances caused especially by other people, enchanted with the fluffy puppy, but also needs a lot of rest;

* This same puppy can be taught to make the necessities in the right place with the use of the transport box. Yes it's true! As? More details, just ahead;

* When you intend to take the dog for a ride, and the car is the best alternative, the transport box will ensure the safety of the furry friend. In the event of an accident, no matter how banal a "hit", is a dog more secure in the back seat, or inside the transport box, properly supported and secured by a seat belt?

* In case of travel by air, the only way to take the dog will be inside a transport box. Although many companies already make exceptions and allow dogs in the cabin, most of the time, they must, in any case, be kept in transport boxes. Large dogs go in the luggage compartment. At where? Inside a transport box. So, if the dog is already accustomed to staying within its own box, surely the experience will be much calmer!

* puppies tend to be destructive. In the absence of correct stimuli, and also toys suitable for biting, they will gnaw whatever lies ahead! In the transport box with your toys to gnaw, the puppy will be entertained and will not destroy furniture and objects worshiped by humans ...

ATTENTION: the transport boxes DO NOT serve for the dog to be kept there all day, all the time! That is not the goal! As I assert and reassert relentlessly: dogs are extremely social animals, which need to live with people, other dogs and other animals, to be mentally healthy. The transport box should be used for periods of time, being in these occasions the "corner", the "room", the "ring" of the dog!


It is not enough simply to put the dog inside a box, close the door and leave it there. Like everything else about dogs and animals in general, associating experiences with something positive is the best way to achieve the expected progress.

Thus, the ideal is to encourage the dog to enter the new burrow and, if he does so, praise him enough. But let him, at this first moment, free to enter and leave according to his will, still without closing the door.

You can put the dog's panties inside the box, as well as your favorite toys, always remembering to praise them enough when they are inside. The box should become the dog's house, where he will even sleep at night.

Meals must be made there. Placing the pot of food in the box, the dog will quickly associate that there is your "corner."

As the dog shows itself more and more comfortable inside the box, one can begin to close the door. At first, for a few seconds, to open immediately afterwards, without great boasts. Then the time increases, times when the dog should be left there with toys or bones to get distracted.

When the furry is quite comfortable in the box, having already chosen his new "home", his "refuge", it can be left closed there at night (as long as it is not much of a puppy, as it will have to pee ...). Healthy dogs, who have activity consistent with their disposition and physical form, will be grateful to have a single "room" during their rest period. And the dog is not being mistreated in any way.

Most of the time, it is not even necessary to follow all the above steps. When presented to a transport box, most dogs will already come in and out quietly, without any human stimulation being necessary!


The choice of transport box is very important, besides providing maximum comfort and safety for your pet, it must comply with the requirements of the airlines and also with the requirements of the IATA (International Air Transport Association). Petwork Travel indicates the Vari Kennel, Sky Kennel and Pettour boxes.

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